No-Flip Flipping Shows You How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Any Experience Or Capital To Invest.

Get Your Financial Peace.

MORE than information-packed lessons.

This is a proven BLUEPRINT to follow. 

This online course takes you step by step through the exact system that’s changed the financial future of so many of our students. We designed this course to remove the guesswork so you can start making money faster.   

You Deserve To Be In Control Of Your Financial Future 

But There's A Problem... 

*You're fully dependent on your 9-to-5

* You don't know enough about real estate investing to dive in

* Concerns about money stopped you from seeing investment opportunities

* You don't have a plan of action

The No-Flip Flipping program provides a done-for-you plan with all the tools and resources you need to go from where you are now to making over $10K a month in real estate. You don't need any experience. In fact, most of our students are beginners. You can start right now without the risk of buying property or the hassle of complex renovations.


There's no limitation on how successful you can be because The No-Flip Flipping course will teach you how to flip DEALS not houses. Forget about bank loans and managing construction sites. Check out the difference...

Here's Your Plan To Start Making Money In Real Estate

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Get Access

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Watch The Lessons

Master the step-by-step formula for this “no-risk,” proven strategy. Use our done-for-you resources to generate all your leads.

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Start Closing Deals

Enjoy financial freedom with new, life-changing monthly income as you start to close deals fast.



Take a look at just a few of the lives our
No-Flip Flipping program has changed:

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"After learning from Glenn & Amber, we made $41,000 on our first 5 wholesale deals in our first 4 months!!! Like Glenn says, this is work, but it is TOTALLY worth it. We're excited about our family's future."
Aaron & Amanda F.

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"I started using Glenn & Amber's system and on my first deal I made $24,000. I have been in the mortgage business for over 20 years and was not aware of this method until I learned from Glenn & Amber. Best decision I have ever made."
Jeffrey M.

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How can you and your family experience the relief of feeling financially secure? 

2022 is fast becoming a year of vast opportunity for savvy real estate investors. There will be countless situations where homeowners are eager to sell their house for one reason or another and eager investors are scrambling to purchase investments to resell or hold onto. Your role is to step into the middle and bring the two together, earning a healthy fee with no risk on your part.

Think about stand to earn thousands for performing a task that most people don't even know about. But only if you take that next step.

Opportunities like this do not come along very often. Don’t settle for a retirement plan that has you living on a budget. You deserve to be comfortable and stress-free. This is your time. Fortunes are made by those that seize opportunities when the timing is right. We made this system simple and easy to follow so you can have the life your want. Get access to No-Flip Flipping and use real estate to get control of your financial future.


No-Flip Flipping Program includes:

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Lifetime access to the lessons & tactics that allow our students to make over $10,000 per month

You'll have everything you need to get started right now FROM HOME!

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Comprehensive library of templates & contracts

Save time and thousands of dollars with a packet of customizable documents and checklists. Licensed professionals would charge you serious $$$ by the hour for the info in this library

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(3) Additional Bonus Trainings
PLUS, our secret weapon software tools!

You'll have the best resources at your fingertips to make everything simple


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Pre-recorded Live Calls & Negotiating Scripts

Closing a deal can be challenging if you don't know what to say. You'll get access to all of our call scripts and recordings so you'll be well prepared for your calls, knowing exactly what to expect and how to respond to any objections.

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Lifetime access to the Private Real Estate Investor Facebook Group

In addition to access to us and our team you'll be able to take part in our live, bi-weekly coaching calls. You can ask us anything and get help with whatever questions you have.

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Business setup success secrets

We provide you with a wealth of shortcuts that will help you set up your business and skip the trial and error that most new business owners go through. We pass along verything that we have learned about running a successful real estate investing business.


You CAN Create Wealth Through Real Estate

WITHOUT A Huge Capital Investment

And it has actually never been easier than it is right now to:

• Supplement your income
• Build your retirement
• Quit your full-time job

...all without needing a ton of money to do it.

Read on to learn more about how you can use the No-Flip Flipping Formula developed by a highly successful pair of real estate investors who created a proven method to bridge the gap between motivated sellers and hungry investors, and earn a healthy profit each time.

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We're Glenn & Amber Schworm and we started our career in real estate investing out of sheer desperation. We were $80K in credit card debt and needed to make large chunks of cash to get out from under it. In 2007, we flipped our first house and made $17,000. On our second flip, we profited $33,000 in 33 days.

We've now flipped over 850 houses and counting. This was accomplished without a formal education in real estate investing; our knowledge comes from hands-on real-life experience, the school of hard knocks, and a strong desire for a better life for ourselves and our family. We set fear aside, and pursued our goals.

And now we are on a mission to help aspiring people just like you achieve your dreams and obtain the lifestyle you've always wanted!

Let's review everything you'll get with the
No-Flip Flipping Program!

  • ​No-Flip Flipping Course - Lifetime Access ($5999 Value)

  • Comprehensive Library of Templates & Contracts ($1997 Value)

  • Printable Guides and Exclusive Access to Software ($1995 Value)

  • Pre-recorded Live Calls & Negotiating Scripts ($1499 Value)

  • LIFETIME Access To The Private REI Facebook Group ($2995 Value)

  • Business Setup Success Secrets ($999 Value)

Total Value: $15,484

But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $1,997

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